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Bells Echo III

Bells Echo III 3Daudioproduction livespatailizing 3Dsoundsystemdesign installation For Bells Echo III we created a 3D audio live performance in close collaboration with the musicians and artists of the event Alex Ròser and Stefkovic van Interesse. Besides guest concerts, a musical performance directed and presented by the two initiators is the focus of each Bells Echo. […]

Joana Brunkow | o.T.

Joana Brunkow o.T. exhibitiondesign technicalrealisation For o.T. by Joana Brunkow we realised the visualisation of sound waves on water surface. The phenomena is coined cymatics by Hans Jenny and describes the visualization of waveforms. Through a vibrating surface covered with water or powder regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible We designed and […]

Julian Charrière | An Invitation to Disappear

Julian Charrière An Invitation to Disappear recording sounddesign 3Dsoundsystemdesign 3Dmixing For An Invitation to Disappear we did the field recordings on various locations in Southeast Asia with 8 channel stereophonic and Ambisonic 1st and 2nd order microphone systems. Based on those recordings we created the 3D sound design and different mixes of the […]

Denim Szram | Klangregung

Denim Szram Klangregung 3Dsoundsystemdesign soundinstallation For Klangregung we did the design and planning of the multi speaker setup on two levels and provided all the technical infrastructure for the 12.4 soundsystem. We used our DAS Artec 308 speakers with Vantec 18A subwoofers for the sound reinforcement of this impressive piece by Denim Szram. The reverberation […]

Umashankar Mantravadi | Brahma Wearable

Umashankar Mantravadi Brahma Wearable research prototype 3Dsoundsystemdesign by Umashankar Mantravadi, Felix Deufel, Albrecht Meissner Together with sound archeologist and sound engineer Umashankar Mantravadi we developed the first prototype of Brahma Wearable, a 8 speaker mobile 3D soundsystem, mounted on your shoulders. We were experimenting with augmented sound reality trying to change disturbing and stressful noise […]

Bauhausfest Dessau | Gelb gewinkelt

Bauhausfest Dessau Gelb Gewinkelt 3Daudio livespatialization 3Dsoundsystemdesign For the celebration of Bauhausfest 2018 “Gelb Gewinkelt”, we transformed the historic Aula of the Bauhaus Dessau into an immersive 3D listening room. 32 speakers installed discreet in the room on different levels facilitating a 3 dimensional audio playback with very precise localisation of static and moving sounds […]

Fabian Russ | Kaleidoskop der Räume

Fabian Russ Kaleidoskop der Räume 3Daudio sounddesign For Fabian Russ`s 3D audio composition and installation Kaleidoskop der Räume we provided our studio for the production and our 3D Audio Dome equipped with 32 speakers to the Orchestronic team. For the exhibition of the piece at Heinrich Schütz Musikfest we installed the dome construction with sound […]

Andrea Belfi / Starta 3D Andrea BelfiStarta 3D 3Daudio 3Daudioperformance livespatializing Together with the drummer Andrea Belfi we were experimenting with the possibilities of 3D audio as an immersive and spatial form of sound reinforcement for an electro-acoustic live concert. In close collaboration and rehearsals we adapted Andrea Belfis show Starta and deveoped a concept for the pieces in […]