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Denim Szram

For Klangregung we did the design and planning of the multi speaker setup on two levels and provided all the technical infrastructure for the 12.4 soundsystem. We used our DAS Artec 308 speakers with Vantec 18A subwoofers for the sound reinforcement of this impressive piece by Denim Szram.

The reverberation of the huge church body of St. John Church was challenging on the one hand but completed the multi speaker setup as a further room instrument perfectly for the artists composition, which was dedicated to this room.

„Klangregung“ is a site specific immersive installation made for the St. John Church in Freiburg. The audio visual composition intensifies the extraordinary attributes of the sacred space and enables the visitor to have a new perception of the room. The impressive acoustics are amplified by twelve speakers distributed in the room to create an immersive spatial experience. In addition there is a light composition which uses the contrast between glaring light and complete darkness. The floating composition plays with the site specific context and enables a contemplative experience.


Im Auftrag von Denim Szram

copyright the artist

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