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Julian Charrière
An Invitation to Disappear

For An Invitation to Disappear we did the field recordings on various locations in Southeast Asia with 8 channel stereophonic and Ambisonic 1st and 2nd order microphone systems. Based on those recordings we created the 3D sound design and different mixes of the soundtrack such as binaural, 5.1, 7.1 and multichannel 3D.

We planned the 3D speaker setups and did the installation of the sound systems for the exhibition of the project at Kunsthalle Mainz (D), Musee de Bagne (CH), Art Basel (CH) and Berghain Berlin (D).

Shot in Southeast Asia, Julian Charriere`s film An Invitation to Disappear records a psycho-social transcendent rave set in the fields of a monoculture palm oil plantation. A linear camera shot through nauseatingly infinite rows of trees is underpinned by mesmerizing pulse of natural sounds and techno beats, developed together with the British DJ and producer Inland.

The film also marks the artists first outcome of the artists collaboration with philosopher Dehlia Hannah, responding to the 200th anniversary of a volcanic eruption in Indonesia that plunged world into darkness and weather extremes – a climate cooling crisis remembered in Europe as the “year without summer”. The delirium of the rave feels increasingly alienating within the man-made grid of the plantation, culminating in feelings of unease competing with the temptation of intrigue. Fog, flashing strobes, and overwhelming sounds turn the palm grove into a melancholic party zone in which the lack of people only exacerbates the dystopian vibes.


Commisoned by Studio Julian Charrière

Credits: Julian Charrière (Artist), Johannes Förster (Direction), Inland (Soundtrack), Enrico Wolf (Camera), Benjamin Tack (Light Concept), Motion Compund (Camera motion), Mr. Bomb, Eakkawit Thampitak (Onsite Production), Kenny Takewit and the Finalcut Team (Light&SOundtechnics), Dehlia Hannah (Field philosophy), broken bloke Production (Post-production), Ioannis Kaltrimitzis (VFX), Tom Freeman, Felix Deufel (Field recording, 3D Sounddesign & mixing)

copyright the artist, VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn, Germany

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