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Umashankar Mantravadi, Brahma wearable
Umashankar Mantravadi, Brahma wearable

Umashankar Mantravadi
Brahma Wearable

by Umashankar Mantravadi, Felix Deufel, Albrecht Meissner

Together with sound archeologist and sound engineer Umashankar Mantravadi we developed the first prototype of Brahma Wearable, a 8 speaker mobile 3D soundsystem, mounted on your shoulders.

We were experimenting with augmented sound reality trying to change disturbing and stressful noise into more healthy and relaxing soundscapes in real time. The System is meant to become a daily companion making your individual soundscape more pleasant in real time.

Umashankar has built a second version of the Brahma Wearable in Bangalore so far and we are continuing the research together. Next steps: implementing live input and developing an artificial intelligence for the system to make our aural surrounding more pleasant.


free research work by Umashankar Matravadi and Felix Deufel, with support by Albrecht Meixner

The first Prototype was presented at the Wisp Laboratory 2019.

Photo: Nina Buttendorf
Video: David Simmons

supported by: Goethe-Institut Max Mueller Bhavan

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