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Fabian Russ
Kaleidoskop der Räume

For Fabian Russ`s 3D audio composition and installation Kaleidoskop der Räume we provided our studio for the production and our 3D Audio Dome equipped with 32 speakers to the Orchestronic team.

For the exhibition of the piece at Heinrich Schütz Musikfest we installed the dome construction with sound system in the catacombs of the  Frauenkirche Dresden.

The composer artist Fabian Russ takes small excerpts / samples from the respective Schütz Psalms with the help of his individual composition approach, the Orchestronik®, he puts them together to create new works in order to interweave them with the original recordings. The result is a completely new work that draws inspiration from the music of the 17th century in an innovative way and uses the most modern means and innovative digital communication channels to act artistically. The resulting work of art and its acoustic realization are not only unusual in their combination with early baroque music, they are created as a kind of “prototype” and touch new ground here too.


Commissioned by Mitteldeutsche Barockstiftung

Artist: Fabian Russ

Mixing engineer: Carlo Grippa

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