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Bells Echo III

For Bells Echo III we created a 3D audio live performance in close collaboration with the musicians and artists of the event Alex Ròser and Stefkovic van Interesse. Besides guest concerts, a musical performance directed and presented by the two initiators is the focus of each Bells Echo. Our task was to plan and install a 3D sound system for the concert at Peterskirche , Leipzig (D). We designed an individual speaker layout consisting of 32 speakers in 3 layers for this unique location.

In several rehearsals in our studio, we developed the spatial concept of the performance and did the live spatializing during the show. It was an extraordinary experience for us, to move sounds through the giant nave and play with the long, room specific reverberation times.

The concert series Bells Echo deals with the synergy of experimental music, performance, visual art and architecture since its origin in 2015. Church halls with its unique acoustic characteristics are used as instruments in new context. Not only dimension and acoustic features but also the historic and spiritual background of the place are of particular relevance for the conceptual concerts of Bells Echo. In their performances the two sound artists deal with dystopic fantasies and the future of human civilization, questioning the present human consequently


Live Spatialization, 3D Soundsystem Operator, 3D Soundsystem Planung und Installation

In collaboration with Bells Echo

Stefkovic van Interesse und Alex Röser (composition and live electronics), Gen.Pi (visuals), Philipp Hülsenbeck (dance), Ensemble Aurora (choir)

Peterskirche Leipzig, 2018.

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