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Joana Brunkow

For o.T. by Joana Brunkow we realised the visualisation of sound waves on water surface. The phenomena is coined cymatics by Hans Jenny and describes the visualization of waveforms. Through a vibrating surface covered with water or powder regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible

We designed and built the six pillars and did the technical realisation of the physical phenomena to to show the different concentric patterns of the six Solfeggio Frequencies.

In her artistic work o.T. Joana Brunkow connects areas of interest of her artistic practice with recurrent questions, such as the perception of individuals within and outside of communities, the interplay of body, sound, awareness and spirituality in the context of fine arts. Six sounding sockets stimulate vibration in water, the six “healing frequencies” (Solfeggio) serve a basis for sound.


Commissioned by Joana Brunkow

copyright the artist

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