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Bauhausfest Dessau | Gelb gewinkelt

Bauhausfest Dessau Gelb Gewinkelt 3Daudio livespatialization 3Dsoundsystemdesign For the celebration of Bauhausfest 2018 “Gelb Gewinkelt”, we transformed the historic Aula of the Bauhaus Dessau into an immersive 3D listening room. 32 speakers installed discreet in the room on different levels facilitating a 3 dimensional audio playback with very precise localisation of static and moving sounds […]

Andrea Belfi / Starta 3D Andrea BelfiStarta 3D 3Daudio 3Daudioperformance livespatializing Together with the drummer Andrea Belfi we were experimenting with the possibilities of 3D audio as an immersive and spatial form of sound reinforcement for an electro-acoustic live concert. In close collaboration and rehearsals we adapted Andrea Belfis show Starta and deveoped a concept for the pieces in […]